Coronavirus: Chinese Government Shutting Down Dropshipping!

Coronavirus: Chinese Government Shutting Down Dropshipping!

so firstly before I begin this video
guys prayers out to all the people that’s been affected in the coronavirus
in China and all around the world lives has been affected families have been
affected doctors are stressed out people are
dying left and right so this is a very very serious matter here can we just
cancel January 2020 can we please alright guys so if you’re not aware of
what’s going on right now in the drop streaming community this is a really bad
time okay now in 2020 we’ve already had our shares of really bad news but this
right here is going to affect so many people in the drops of the community and
not only drop shipping but ecommerce in general now I want to pull up something
on what’s going on right the coronavirus okay has been affected a
lot of places in China and all over the world now in this specific area in the
Wuhan region this is where the corona virus actually started now if we look
closely in this area right here this is where most of the factories are located
that are coming from Aliexpress and you know other places like Alibaba
and things like that the cities called Guangzhou now in this specific area you
know a lot of factories have closed down a lot of factories are you know on
holiday as far as Chinese New Year and things have been delayed as far as
shipping out products so this is a very big deal and then if your drop shipping
most of your products are coming from China in this specific area so credit to
CJ drops living with this blog guys the government has closed down urban buses
Subway’s ferries long-distance transportations they’ve temporary closed
airports train stations highways now I don’t know much about the coronavirus
you’re gonna have to watch other videos about you know what’s the side effects
and the symptoms and things to look for and all that this is not what the video
is about this is the this is a video about looking at the bigger picture on
how this actual virus is affecting dropshipping now if we look at these
three things that CJ dropshipping is listed this is the number one thing
factories will not be able to produce products at an expected date so
basically majority of the workers will not be able to come back to suppliers
and continue to work they can’t produce any products everything is going to be
on hold and if you have existing orders right now on Aliexpress you know make
sure you’re communicating what your supplier asked them hey like are you
guys affected are you guys still running because before the coronavirus we’ve
been prepared for chinese new year we’ve been prepared for things like faster
shipping or from Aliexpress so you do need to
contact your supplier right now if you do have existing orders and say hey like
are you guys affected are you guys ready to go you know are things gonna be
smooth because I don’t want you know stress going on with my customers and
you know the email is you guys already know about that right and things are
going to be you know continuing on until probably the end of February so the
number two thing that’s listed here guys is products cannot be transported by
logistic companies now only medical stuff can normally be transported in
such situations and logistics during the holidays and logistic companies and
parcels are not able to ship out in destinations even the suppliers and
warehouse have products in stock so everything is on hold now there are a
lot of reports saying that you know there are people that are scared to
order products online which you know which makes a lot of sense you know
people are thinking that products that are coming in from China you know
there’s going to be the corona virus inside once you open it there’s actually
pretty wild that in the Simpsons episode there was actually an episode where they
were shipping out a product and then you know the corona virus or whatever the
virus would it whatever you know virus that was in this episode was inside the
actual package when they opened it you know they actually was affected which I
don’t know if they’re doing predictions here but this is insane guys now like I
said I don’t know much about the corona virus so don’t quote me on this that if
it can actually spread with you know within the packages if it’s being
shipped out but I’ve been hearing a lot of reports saying that you know you know
it doesn’t last for a long time it’ll probably wear off after a couple of days
or so and you have to actually have direct contact with the actual virus now
this is affecting a lot of shoppers online especially shopping on Amazon
shopping on Aliexpress shopping on eBay basically anywhere that you can you know
buy products online okay and this is a huge deal with all these other online
stores right now the third thing that this website listed is that you know
customer service is going to be very difficult now because now if people are
ordering online you know most of the time most
people expect their products are coming from China right and especially if you
shop at like let’s say fashion Nova or you know you shop at these other big
brands you know it takes a while for them to get the products right if they
don’t have the products on Han or if they don’t have a warehouse so this is a
big deal a lot of customers are going in you know on your website thinking okay
is this product coming from China is this website a drop shipping website
because there are very you know various reports on Facebook and people are
giving low feedback scores because they know it’s a drop shipping website you
know they see the Shopify logo or they see you know things that you know looks
like a drop shipping website and that you know affects them as the user
experience so customer service is gonna be huge now in this drop shipping space
guys you do want to be honest with your customers you know you don’t want to say
you know hey like Michael my products aren’t coming from China you don’t wanna
be you know liable of you know a lawsuit or you know being sued for something so
you do have to be honest in this situation now what I would actually say
is you know things aren’t doing too well right now you know you your products are
going to be delayed you know most of our products are coming from China and
things like that but only if they ask you know most of the time you know you
do want to check back with your supplier this is gonna be a very very important
situation I think this is a really great time to actually know more about your
supplier learn more and learn how to communicate with your supplier because
most you guys are not communicating with your supplier go on Aliexpress import
the product you see that the feedbacks and all that stuff is good but you have
no direct contact with your supplier in your ordering from them and most of the
time you know you might get scammed or they might not ship out your product or
you know they might overcharge you and maybe you can get it for cheaper right
so this is a really good time to communicate with your supplier guys and
what I would do as far as advertisement goes I would lower your budgets okay you
don’t want to scale at this very time because it doesn’t make sense to try to
make more money guys it doesn’t make sense to try to make more profits um you
do want to make sure you’re scaling down your ads spin as low as possible so you
know what’s the logistics for your company so
that you’re not back you know with a lot of orders come you know the end of
February or come at the end beginning of March right so for me personally I don’t
have to really deal with this as much because I don’t dropship as much as you
know as far as private labeling goes because I do have an actual brand and I
ship out my own products and I’ve already established a relationship with
my supplier as far as ordering products ahead of time and most importantly
they’ve already you know sent me a reliable us supplier and that’s what you
guys want to do communicate communicate communicate I can’t stress that enough
guys they can actually tell you if they actually have a base in the United
States they can refer you and say hey like we can’t ship out your products
right now but you can get a United States supplier from Aliexpress and
sometimes they work together you know selling the exact same products and that
could be your solution while you know everything is you know in hot waters
right now so you know for me I personally don’t have to deal with this
because like I said I’ve been prepared for this type of situation you guys have
already been you know you know warned about Chinese New Year faster shipping
alternatives I have a whole bunch of videos on my channel regarding that and
I also go in-depth into my course as well so this is the end of the video
guys this is a huge huge loss for dropshipping right now and this is
probably the biggest El in the past couple of years especially for
dropshipping and Shopify so I hope you guys enjoy this video guys don’t stress
out during this time out you know this time we’ll probably you know and
probably by the time it’s end of February or beginning of March like I
said this is the best time to get into drawstring cuz most people are gonna
leave ok people are gonna look at the situation and say this is this is
terrible I can’t start my business this left and right but you want to start
your business today get your website going import a couple products from the
United States suppliers and you can still start selling you know
advertisement this is not gonna stop fashion Nova this is not gonna stop all
these big brands pretty little things you know mint swim all these other big
brands this is a great time to actually take advantage of low cost
advertisements low competition and getting ahead of your competition as
well so I hope you guys enjoy this video have a great rest of your Saturday and
I’ll see you guys on the next one

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  1. Malik back at it again with another value packed knowledge bomb! I really want to thank you for sharing your priceless wisdom and advice with all of us! You have been a key guide for creating my own dropshipping businesses that do millions of dollars in revenue each year. I owe so much of my success to you and want to thank you for changing my life. I’ve been inspired by you to create my own channel in hopes of giving back to the community and changing someone’s life the same way you changed mine. My first video is due to drop in a day. I would love some feedback/support so please hit subscribe and check it out! Much love, keep getting that money ❤️💰

  2. Prayers out to the lives affected with the coronavirus! Please drop a like and help the video spread awareness so more people can know about this in the dropshipping community. Thanks for the love and will keep you guys updated!

  3. I wish we could cancel January 2020. I started saving in December, And I just now have enough to buy my 2019 13’ Macbook Pro for $1799 plus apple care Im going to order it tomorrow, but I won’t be able to be dropshipping anytime soon.

  4. All travel worldwide is going to stop with in 30 days. It's going to be a worldwide economic collapse. Millions are going to die and the hell will last about a year.

  5. Love the channel, YouTube algorithm brought me here cus I just posted a Coronavirus vid. If you get a chance feel free to check it out. Keep up the good content, start of 2020 has definitely been a madness.

  6. Hello Malik. Plz I have a question I'd like to answer. What would happen to ebay accounts which git recently suspend I'm talking about in this month. Now when you try to open an appeal for reinstatement and mention that you DROPSHIP from China or USA Will that gonna lower your chances of getting your account reinstated? Thank you for your answer

  7. I am in China and I can drop shipping the products from Chinese factories to your customers directly. Lower cost and faster shipping than Aliexpress . Good news is China factories start to production since this week and international shipping gets recovery

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