How I Did $325,271 In 30 Days Dropshipping 2019 | Step-by-Step For Shopify

How I Did $325,271 In 30 Days Dropshipping 2019 | Step-by-Step For Shopify

let me show you how I made over $300,000
in just 30 days drop shipping so let’s login to Shopify
I guess you’ve done 10k today we’ve done pretty much cross the tank here
yesterday 57 K for the week for the month we’re at
300 K what’s popping people it’s your boy the beast of ecom back with
another video dropping nothing but you are a no value bombs
so in today’s you know I’m going to show you how I made over three hundred
thousand dollars in just 30 days on one drop shipping store if this is
the first time ever watching one of our videos then we’re enough have you been
made sure of course you’d like comment and make sure you smash that subscribe
button and of course hit the notification about as well so that you
stay up to date with all of my latest content and of course if you aren’t a
new subscriber then you’re a regular subscriber and you’re gonna know that
this video is pure fire so in today’s video I’m gonna show you how one sort in
over three hundred thousand dollars in just 30 days
drop shipping and what I’m gonna cover is some of the different techniques that
you can use to find products and I want to talk about is how this very secret
secret key to staying profitable this year with Facebook adverse especially if
you drop shipping and then I’m gonna talk a little bit about Facebook
strategy as well so this video is pure fire make sure you stay to the end plus
if you do I am giving away a winning product at the end of this video
something that you can go out and test for yourself so let’s quit talking let’s
come straight to the computer and let’s start learning okay so let’s jump
straight into this video on how I made three hundred thousand in 30 days
Shopify drop shipping so first and foremost as you can see here for the
first of April to the 28th of April are we doing three hundred and twenty-five
thousand you can see all of the numbers here and I think around about here was
when the Facebook blackout happened Facebook pretty much through his toys
out the tram and just completely crashed on everyone we kind of still recovered
but but yeah let me know down below in the comment comments as well they
Facebook that Facebook blackout kind of through a lot of things off it did
pretty much for us but we very much were able to recover
turning customary 10% generally on a drop ship install could be higher but a
conversion rate as well very much dropped once that black how it happened
but again still profitable but a very solid month nevertheless so I want to
show you is some very cool things and we’ll get cracking on with this so make
sure you stay to the end now again when you do stay to the end I’m gonna give a
product giveaway something that is currently working well and and yeah you
can test it out if you make money for you then buy me a drink when you see me
if it doesn’t then you know no hard feelings but make sure you test it out
so stay to the end so first and foremost wanna talk about product winning
criteria and some of the methods that we were using this month that have been
working well so these are the five points which make up a winning product
so if they don’t kind of fall into this category ‘s them nine times out of ten
it’s probably not a winning product this is the common theme that I find with all
of the winners that I have so solves a problem solves the customers problem
they’re generally easier products to sell or it saves the customer money it
saves the customer time or improves the customers confidence / appearance now a
lot of beauty products fall into that fourth option there so searches and you
know crazy new looking lipsticks or eyelash curlers that make your eyelashes
longer you know it makes women feel good or men you know let’s not be so sexist
here whatever you’re into whatever floats your boat the fifth point here is
you know unique and not on the high street but and this is a major key being
sold to a passionate audience now a lot of people sell you or try to find sorry
unique products however they’re not being sold to a passionate ordinance
whatsoever so a lot of people show me their stores and their selling phone
cases and these are just like kind of general fun cases or it may be a phone
case which does something core of that but who’s your audience it probably just
gonna be everyone who owns the iPhone very hard to target on Facebook so the
major key here is to sell something that is being sold to a passionate audience
if it’s unique now to give you a live example let’s say a phone case but use a
dog phone case now you selling it to a passionate audience because pet lovers
of course are very passionate people about their pets it’s gonna be
not easier to convert selling that product rather than just a normal phone
case so that in itself is very much a value bond now here are three ways that
we were using this month which works very well so the first one is reverse
engineering and what reverse engineering does is very much used to trick Facebook
into thinking that you are a buyer so that it shows you more dropshipping
adverse so to do that you’d be scrolling your feed saving adverse liking adverts
commenting on them and then clicking through on the advert adding a product
to your car and initiating the check out as well so just to give you an example
if we are just scroll down and I’ve got this product here of course what we
would do is we can just always save it I’ve already saved it so save it you can
like it comment on it and we just click the shop now if you click on the shop
now then here we are and who just click Add to Cart
and if we just get rid of that there and rush my order and what we’re going to do
is we’re going to initiate the checkout pixel so what we’re trying to do is get
pixelated by Facebook so that they can show us more products and you could do
this to spend a week scrolling down your fees naturally when something pops out
and it isn’t shipping products like it comment it do what I’ve just mentioned
and over time you’re gonna see a lot more drop shipping products okay so
that’s one thing that you can do now the second point is create a rolodex of
stores and what I mean by that is using something called comma feed and what we
want to do is when we are scrolling down and we find in these stores that have
winning products we want to basically kind of track them or index them because
these guys are gonna be making money and they’re going to be always constantly
testing products so that’s what we want to do now to do that we want to go to
something called comma feed you can sign up 100% free basically it’s an RSS feed
I believe so and and yes so let me just delete off
let me just delete off this one here because we’ve already made it but I’m
just going to show you how you can use comma feed so let’s say for example we
found this website here that products that we’ve just seen in our feed and we
come over to comma feed you can see here on the left hand side these are just all
different stores we just like to track okay and when you
find something that’s working we just click Subscribe and we want to just
paste in the store there and what we want to do sorry is we hit subscribe and
hit paste and then hit collections we want to type in or dot that’s all I’ve
already put it in there but then when we click Save it’s going to load it and now
what we do is we click Save again is it’s then going to show us here there it
is there so you can see here these are all been launched it will show you in
chronological order I believe that’s the same you can see here so seven hours
they launched this product here not launched it but they put it on their
store yesterday they put these products on that store and yeah we can just go
through and keep tabs on everything that these guys are launching if we click on
all again all of these products have been uploaded today and it just gives
you pretty much an infinite idea of products to go out and test so fantastic
100% free you can use comma feed now the third point is hire a product research
va now if you are already making sales and you may want to consider this and
this will save you time and you’ll have a consistent flow of products now this
is what I personally do I’ve got a VA out there who finds new products on a
daily basis put some in a Google sheet I go and go through and review them tell
her which ones to upload on the store she then does it and then we couldn’t
really quickly have a convey about of products that we are consistently
launching so if you’re making money you may want to do this and she’s personally
been funny like since I’ve hired her she’s done like three she hasn’t been
working for that long but I’m about four to five very solid products so I very
much do you recommend it however training the last point I put here
training and experience is essential so this perk this girl personally had
experience in working for another dropship in store but I did give her
training as well so you know you very much want to make sure that you are
giving them very good training so they can follow the instructions carefully
now another thing is you can use econ hunt
alley shark and eise no / these just other things you know these are the
products research websites i think put out a video actually on alley shark and
how to use it to find proven winning products or pop a link in the top right
hand corner a card so that you can actually check that video out as well
and also if you do want to check out my products playlist
i’ve got a pod of research playlists on all different methods on how to actually
find winning products then again i’ll leave a link in the top right hand
corner so you can check out and watch all of my product research methods
videos so there are just some tools that you can use now the secret to staying
profitable in 2019 if specially if your Shopify dropship in trying to stay ahead
in the competition how can you do it now the answer is increase your ARV
increasing your average order value average order value is how much someone
spends on the store so previously on that one it was $40 the higher that is
the more you’re going to be able to spend on advertising to acquire a
customer okay very very very important metric to improve your average order
value now you may be thinking okay cool now that I know that how can I do it
very good question I’m going to show you exactly how to do it now so increase
your ARV with upsells now what are upsells personally there’s two different
ways of using upsells there’s pre upsells which happen before the sale
which are usually at the cart page so someone adds something to their car
something then pops up and says you know hey you added this to your cart do you
want this people may add it to their car and you know check out whatever it may be
now the app that I personally like to use for a pre upsell is this one here
they thought I didn’t had it I have it on there discount there we go so this
one here is what I like to use discounted upsells it’s very cool it
works well it looks great on the theme very simple to use so that is one that I
do like to use if you are using a pre now post upsells happen after the sale
so usually at the Thank You page the person checks out
the product something then pops up to say hey congratulations on your order
you know how about this at a discounted price okay now the app that I like to
use for that is sweet upsell and I have got a video on using the best way how to
use three upsell again I’ll leave a link in the top right hand corner for that
you can see here in the app I’ve made twenty three thousand dollars I’ve had
this on my store for approximately probably about a month just over a month
and he said twenty three thousand dollars
conversion rates at about eight percent and it costs just twenty dollars per
month now you don’t have to be very good at math to know that sort of ROI so I
heavily recommend using sweet upsell to increase your average order value now
two ways that you can use two strategies that you can use for upsells the first
one is up selling the same product at a discounted price okay so if you are
selling a low ticket product then you can upsell you know the same product at
a discounted price or another thing that you can do is upset a very complimentary
product so let’s talk about those cases before if you sell in a phone case you
could upsell a screen protector because they go pretty much hand-in-hand
someone’s going to need it if they have got a if they’re buying a phone case so
there are two different strategies that you can use for upselling now CBO’s get
the dog let’s talk about Facebook adverts so Facebook is moving to CB
o–‘s system exclusively only using CB o–‘s come September 2019 which means if
you are using any sort of ads setting budgets ad set level then all those
strategies are pretty much gonna become redundant so with that being said I’ve
been exclusively since the launch assist the you know the announcement up in
testing exclusively with just CB o–‘s trying to figure them out and get the
best strategy best possible strategy down and what I have done is I’ve have
just recently put a new video inside of my premium course I’ll talk about it at
the end of this video on you know best practices how to use them what to happen
if X and all those sorts of things and I’ll talk about that a little at the end
so testing what I’m testing is I’ll give you a brief overview now testing
campaigns is one per campaign eight to ten ad sets all
placements allowed to use all placements and let Facebook do the heavy lifting
for me and target some countries I’m targeting is epoch here top
english-speaking countries I rarely now go worldwide for testing
I only pretty much do it at the end of a winning campaign just to you know milk
the very last sales out of a product now when it comes to scaling what you want
to do is take the top five ads s and of course out of that original CBO and move
them into a new CBO with a budget of around about two hundred two hundred to
three hundred dollars and then in terms of scaling that CBO is increasing the
budget every two profitable days by fifty to a hundred percent now this is
of increasing budget are found right now since the blackout has been working a
lot better rather than duplicating however with that being said duplicating
CBO’s that are working do still work great personally I’ve found you know
increasing budget has been working good for me but what works for me may not
work for you these are all just strategies remember so winning product
thank you for staying to the end if you’re here then fist bump
let me reveal to you a winning product that you can test out so this drill bit
sharpener what it does is it solves a problem it basically helps you sharpen
up your drill bits your door drill bit so you don’t have to go out and buy a
new one and still get your jobs done so if you want to see the actual advert
here it is here again I’m not gonna play the video because he’s got decent
engagement here I was launched recently definitely worth a try out and improving
upon this ad copy and there is the product again on on Aliexpress so you
can source it and go and drop ship the product okay
go out and test it out targeting of course you can target tools drills drill
bit drill drill brands such as the wall or Milwaukee I think it’s called
something along those lines you know hardware stores toolbox the
amount of interest for this product is endless so go and test it out if you
make some sales buy me a drink when you see me if it doesn’t then no hard for
you now of course comment below
I love reading comments hash tag beast gang and let me know what you learnt
from this video hopefully you got some value from it I think we’ve covered some
super cool things inside this video that are hopefully gonna help you make some
money so let me know what you learnt I do try to reply to comments I do read
all of the comments and do try to reply to them as best as I possibly can so
hashtag beast gang comment down below either I really appreciate that if you
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back with another one drop innocent but you already know value bombs for the
beast gang take care and RC lair yes

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