I Bought… Nothing?! | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products

I Bought… Nothing?! | 10 Ridiculous Amazon Products

Monnor: smell it dude.
Catt: no, no. Monnor: Smell it!!
Catt: NO! *Gags* *Catt laughs* *Thrashes tongue around*
Monnor: MmmMMmmM *Gags again* *Intro plays* What’s going on, guys? I am Matthias and welcome to 10 Ridiculous, Amazon products today connor is in the fire see what up connor.hello. from team Edge gaming click that info card right there if you’re Today, Connor is in the fire seat. Matt: What’s up, Connor?
Connor: Hello! Connor from Team Edge Gaming. Click that info card right there, if you’re curious where he comes from. But if you’re not, Continue watching! *laughs* And today Connor picked out 10 items on Amazon. I’m gonna let you guys know whether it’s an “Enjoy” or “Destroy”. Meaning of whether it’s good or bad. If it’s bad, well obviously, we destroy it. So, Connor.
Connor: Bell icon. Bell icon, that’s right Connor! Click that bell icon. Why? Why should they click the bell icon? Connor: So they get notified when we upload. I comment back for the first 30 minutes! *deep voice* That’s why! Alright, first product. Blue Racing Grannies? *laughs* blue racing Grannies what What?!! Do they actually race my word look at that creepy picture dude. This is like horror of the grannies. I’m also Do they actually race? My word! Look at that creepy picture, dude. This is like, horror of the grannies! Matt: Why? This is so creepy!
Connor: Woah.. “Just wind them up and watch them tear off! Not the sexiest twins you’ve ever seen, but they’re certainly the most mature.” *Connor laughs* “Two wind up toys of Racing Grannies in one pack.” “Novelty gift for all!” *reading a review* “Great idea, poorly executed” This person thinks this product is a great idea, Connor. *reading a review* “They’re unbalanced and fall over very easily.” *review* “Do not get Racing Grannies like pictured.” Well, you know what? You can’t control me! You’re not my dad! You’re not my dad add to cart Add to cart! Connor: Here, you go.
Matt: Ohh! Racing Grannies! Racing grannies, they’re not joking about this race granny Vs.. Granny. There’s something just very unsettling about this They’re not joking about this.. “Race Granny VS Granny.” There’s something just very unsettling about this. Matt: My word!
Connor: So fragile. Matt: Look, dude! All of the pieces are like.. I did not… Oh, my word. Are they actually going to walk? There you go. There is where you wind it. Hey, calm down, Granny. *Connor laughs* Is that for real? We’re gonna have a race pick your granny conor there’s so many different choices We’re gonna have a race. Pick your granny, Connor. Connor: There’s so many different choices Connor: I’m gonna go with this one. Matt: Okay, so start at the bottom of the screen right near me. Connor: Dude, you’re cranking yours! Matt: Yeah, dude, my granny’s gonna start flying! Matt: You ready?
Connor: Yeah. Matt: Set! Go! Matt: What? Both: OH!!!! Matt: Yours is… Connor: Dude, straighten out! Connor: Can I touch her?
Matt: Yeah. Connor: Straighten out! Connor: NO!!! My one Stopped working, so you can’t push it forward. I’m stopping. We’re all mine. Just touch the other side of the screen. Oh Matt: No! You can’t push yours forward! Connor: Mine stopped working.
Matt: Oh, mine just touched the other side of the screen. Connor: Ow! That hit my butt!
Matt: No, it didn’t. No, it did as he is in my butt dude. I felt it in my butt Connor: That piece hit my butt, dude. I felt it hit my butt! Matt: Obviously, that’s a destroy it. Matt: “3D Hologram Chamber” What does that even mean? “Colors may vary from illustrations” Wow. That means a lot to me right now, cause I don’t know what this is. There is one picture. “Witness the amazing optical illusion created by the 3D Hologram Chamber.” “When viewed at just the right angle, you will believe you can reach out and touch the ball.” “But when you do, your hand will pass right through the hologram image.” “Other small objects, not provided, can also be viewed inside the Hologram Chamber.” Provided can also be viewed inside the whole brain Chamber add to cart Add to cart! Whoa! “Creates an amazing optical illusion” “What do you see?” Wow! I see it! That’s weird. That’s so weird. Wow. Connor: Why are you talking like that? Matt: So, the idea here, is that there’s a little Ball. There’s a little ball inside of that. The way that it’s all shaped is that when you put this ball inside, it creates this optical illusion that makes it look like the ball is right on top. So, if I can kind of demonstrate this to you.. There you go. See? It looks like the ball is like, right on the underside, but it’s really not. It’s actually.. wow.. That is trippy, dude! Do you see that, Connor?
Connor: Yeah, that’s weird. That is so.. I-I like, I-I can’t even begin to explain How weird that is, that I like, I literally can’t grab it. This is bizarre, dude! Matt: I..
Connor: Woah! Dude, that is…woah! Connor: That hurts my eyes, dude! Matt: Yeah, wait, do it like… Matt: There.
Connor: Dude, that hurts my eye- that hurts my brain. It’s not there. What else can we put in there dude. We’re gonna make more optical illusion. I’m at he’s the cap for your soda Matt: We need to make more optical illusions! Connor: Hey Matt, do you need the cap for your soda? Matt: That looks like I can just pick.. It does and it doesn’t. Matt: And the reason why is because The-the sphere, the color, oh my.. I like, I want to move it, dude. Look at that! Look at that, guys. You can kind of see the illusion. Because you, you actually can’t see that bottle cap right now. See the bottle cap? Matt: That’s really…
Connor: That’s crazy. That’s not even there, guys. Matt: That’s not there. It’s not there. Matt: That’s so weird! That’s an enjoy it for sure, dude! Matt: “Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick” Matt: $439??? What’s so special about this that makes it $439, Connor? Connor: You get 10% more air than the V3. *laughs* Matt: Jump height 10 feet?! This thing goes 10 feet? Dude, you’re trying to kill me, dude. You’re trying to get me broke and kill me, all in one fell swoop. Since it’s so expensive, guys, you know the drill. If you want to actually see if this pogo stick can go 10 feet high Let’s watch an ad. Wow, dude. If you want to actually see if this pogo stick can go that high.. How many likes? Dude, it’s got to be high, it’s got to be like over 200,000 Connor: Yeah, I was gonna say like 250,000.
Matt: 250,000, cause it’s so expensive. Matt: Whoa!!
Connor: Dude, that guy! Oh, my god!
Matt: That guy got air, dude! Matt: What? Is that a flip??
Connor: I’ll buy you lunch for a month, if you do a backflip on one of those. First try. Matt: That’s it, for a month?
Connor: Yes. Matt: Wow, okay guys, you heard it – 250,000 likes, we buy that and we see how high we can go. “Playmaker toys flingshot flying monkey” “Measures 11 inches from head to toe upstretched” Upstretched? What does it mean to up stretch? Connor: Uh, it’s when you stretch upwards. “Real slingshot action. Makes screaming monkey sound when crashes.” I love that their feature was: “measures 11 inches from toe to head”. So it’s like, that’s a great feature, dude. I’m not going to buy this thing, if it only measures 10 inches okay, not going to happen. Add to cart! Yay!! Why is he blindfolded? Connor: So he doesn’t hurt his eyes when he’s flying through the sky, dude. Matt: What? No. His eyes are right there. He still has eyes! Why blindfold him? Maybe it’s supposed to be.. maybe that’s.. No, No, No. See? Look! He has got eyeholes! But that’s really dumb, because if you have eyeholes With black eyes and a black mask, it’s not going to look like eyeholes, it’s just gonna look like.. Connor: Blindfolded?
Matt: Yeah! Matt: They’re not even on the right spot, dude. What the heck? I’m shook nasty! Now, Connor..
Connor: Yeah? Matt: You are in the fire seat right now.
Connor: Alright.
Matt: You know what that means, dawg. There is a little.. *monkey screams* Connor: No, you’re supposed to do two! You’re supposed to do two hands – two fingers! Connor: Do both fingers, do both hands!
Matt: Alright. Matt: Why? You just gave me more power!
Connor: Yeah, cause I want you to hurt.. I want it to hurt, I wanna die. *Both Connor and the Monkey screams* *Matt screams* Matt: That doesn’t hurt. *monkey continues to scream* Matt: This, the noise is more painful than..getting hit by this. Matt: It’s like, just stoooop. Matt: No, stooop, dude! *Monkey keeps screaming*
*Matt keeps spanking the Monkey* Matt: That’s not working. Connor: Cut its head off. Matt: Cut its head off?
Connor: Or cut limbs off?
Matt: Woah, dude, you’re violent. Connor: Rip it apart. Matt: It’s a little monkey, Connor. Matt: I can’t seem to destroy it so I don’t know if that makes it an “enjoy it” because it’s built well, but now my fist hurts. Matt: “Fortis Arma Tactical Pen – Black Multipurpose Pocket Tool – Built-In LED Light – Glass Breaker..” Ooh, glass breaker! So you put this.. Wow, why’d they stab a tree? You see what I’m saying? Like, what’s the purpose of that?
Connor: To show how tough it is, dude. Connor: It’s got a tungsten tip on it. Matt: “Self-defense: protect yourself, your family, and those around you from threat.” Your family? I mean, what’s wrong with this to defend my family, right? This is a tactical pair of scissors right now, dude. “At the other end is a DNA catcher,” “Which will not only fend off an attacker, but it will gather DNA for later investigation and identification.” Here’s the big flaw: DNA is irrelevant. Unless that person’s DNA has already been logged. It’s not that big of a deal to keep someone’s DNA.
(CSI Sante Fe) Add to cart! Matt: Aw, sweet!
Connor: We got a sick leather, classic case. Matt: Okay, so where is the DNA catcher? Soo, I assume.. Do you think it’s just this right here? See, that’s a light. So that’s the light, where you can light up the way. Oh, it’s an actual pen? Why do you get the pen out? Both: Oh! Matt: That was not clear. That was not clear in the slightest bit. So, there you go. That’s, that’s the, that’s the pen, but why would you want it with the tungsten tip out, dude? You know like, stab yourself. Like why cover up this tip? This one’s way stronger and sharper. Here’s the thing, Connor: How do we know this actually breaks glass? Connor: There is only one way to find out, Matthias.
Matt: There is only one way to find out, dude. Break some glass! Matt: Here’s the deal, right?
Connor: Okay. Matt: You hold it.
Connor: Okay.
Matt: I break it. Matt: Let’s see how hard..
Connor: I’m nervous. Matt: Wow, I have to hit hard. And this is a tungsten tip, bro!
Connor: I’m nervous. Matt: You’re getting scared, dude!
Connor: I’m super scared. *glass breaks* Matt: Oh, jeez, dude! That thing broke in shards, too! Matt: That is not safe glass!
Connor: That’s a..beautiful cut though. Matt: This is a great time to remind you, to not do this at home! Matt: One try!
Connor: One try? Alright.
Matt: One try. Connor: Wow.
Matt: Boom, baby!
Connor: That was a solid cut. Matt: Yeah, it went like..break in the middle. Matt: Oh, that’s loud, dude.
Connor: Yep. Connor: It cracked. Connor: Oh, want me to try it? So, hold it from there. Matt: Wow! Connor: That’s pretty. Connor: Wow, the tungsten tip is gone!! Matt: If you guys can see this right here? Matt: The tungsten tip has left us. Connor: Where did it go? Matt: There..wow. There it is, dude.
Connor: It broke. It literally broke off. Matt: It must have just been.. It obviously had been glued in there. But I would have hoped it would have been like welded in there.
Connor: Yeah, like it was like one solid piece. Matt: Cause that’s.. Connor: Yeah, that’s gone.
Matt: That just fell out. Matt: Wow, okay. So here’s a tip: if you’re using this as self-defense, It’s only going to work for one or two steps. Matt: That’s a “destroy it”. It destroyed itself. Matt: “Super Jumbo Playing Cards” Ooooh! See, Connor, if you had been a hardcore Team Edge fan You’d have known, that I’ve played with the jumbo cards before. Connor: Really?
Matt: Yes. Oh, you know what it was? It was the one with Markiplier. Water war! That’s what it was! It was a water war, see? Connor: Oh, yeah!
Matt: Told you! Look that’s me, dude! Way skinnier. Add to cart! I wanna play a little game with you right now. It’s a form of Slapjack.
Connor: Okay… You ready?
Connor: Yeah. Now slap me daddy. No, no, it’s called slappy slap. Come here. Sit right there, dawg. Connor: I’m nervous about this.
Matt: Why? Matt: I didn’t even shuffle.. Do I need to shuffle? Connor: Wait, what’s slappy slap?
Matt: What do you mean?
Connor: What’s the point of slappy slap? Connor: I’ve been winning this whole time.
Matt: No, you haven’t. Connor: Yes, I have.
Matt: You don’t even know how to play. Connor: Four, eight… I’m winning.
Matt: That’s not how you play! Connor: Three, seven – I’m winning. Connor: Six. I’m gonna win.
Matt: What the heck? Matt: I’ve never played a game like this! I’ve like never seen a game like this! Matt: What the heck, dude?
Connor: What, is it when we get the same card?
Matt: Yes! Matt: We’ve never gotten the same card! Connor: I got you! I don’t know these rules and I’m still winning. Matt: You see, there was like a ton of hesitation there. Matt: Got it. I totally destroyed you on that one. Matt: Wow, was that really a five?
Connor: Yeah! Matt: What? It was?!
Connor: I won! I won! Matt: Dang it, dude. What the heck? Matt: Okay, I have to say, these are an “enjoy it”! Matt: “Flying Rubber Chicken Bulls Eye Egg Splat Target Party Carnival Game” “Rubber chickens with egg splat target” “Hit the yolk for the most points!” You know, just when you feel like people have run out of ideas, then you get something like this. Oh, sweet hit the yolk splat to get more points.
Connor: Hit the yolk, bro!
Matt: Hit the yolk, bro! Ey, do you even yolk, bro? Don’t you even yolk? Add to cart! Oh! That was loud, dude! You and Sam, dude. “Bull’s Eye Game” Alright, Connor, white or yellow?
Connor: Uh, yellow. Matt: Ready?
Connor: Yeah. Connor: Really good.
Matt: You only get two tries!
Connor: Okay. Matt: 50! I got 50. Now, you have the finesse! Connor: Oh, no. Connor: Does that count?
Matt: I’ll give you two more. No, you didn’t land. Connor: Oh my god.
Matt: Dude, this is it. You’re not even thinking, dude! One more time. Connor: It’s RNG, dude! Both: 50. Matt: But now you subtract four points every time you did extra than me Matt: So you still lose.
Connor: Where are these rules?
Matt: You still lose! Matt: I don’t know, playing a game of Chicken Flop, it’s not my thing. I’m gonna have to say Destroy it Connor: Hang on.
Matt: No, no, no. Three, two, one. Go! Connor: Ow! Jerk.. Matt: Ah!! AHH! Matt: You got me, dude! “Gift of nothing” What? Why is it so weirdly shaped? So it stands maybe? “Perfect gift or present for your dad,” “uncle, niece, nephew, brother, sister, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, teenagers.” Straight up tag spamming, dude. If we do that on YouTube we get banned! Guess it’s okay on Amazon! “Nothing is better than chocolate” Okay.. “flowers balloons.” Oh! “Nothing is better than an expensive din-” aah! “Nothing will thrill your heart more than” ah okay, okay This is like the No Phone on the Shark Tank. On the Shark Tank? What am I 80 years old? On the Shark Tank? *Screams of Death inside* $7,24? You must be joking. Add to cart! Connor: Here you go. Matt: I really regret my life. “Congratulations. You receive the gift of nothing. This is the ultimate in minimalism. Less is more and more is less. “Nothing is precious. Nothing is simple. Nothing is sacred.” “Open the back and be enthralled when nothing happens.” “Allow nothing to flow through your mind and calm your soul. Savor the moment.” “Step 1.: Carefully open the pack.
Step 2.: Experience nothing.” I’m dead inside. “The sound of one hand clapping; the hole of a doughnut; the thing that goes bump in the dark;” “The sound of a tree falling in the forest when no one is there to hear it.” “This product is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing. If something happens, return for a full refund.” That one, that part got me, so this is literally nothing. There’s nothing inside it. And it’s so crazy to think that, like, I mean I obviously bought this product for you guys. Like, there’s no reason. I’m just going to buy this, so it must be a gag gift. But still, the only thing it is, is a gag. Do I even open this? Should I even open this? Is this even worth opening? Connor: I don’t know.
Matt: Or I’ve been had by you? Connor: Nothing is going to be better than opening it. Matt: Not opening it might be better. Connor: Yeah, but then it’s worth nothing. Matt: It’s worth nothing to begin with. Matt: I say, trash it. Destroy it, I mean. Guys, before, before, before, before We hit those next couple of products, make sure you click that big old subscribe button down below, if you haven’t already. Am I right, Connor?
Connor: Yeah! Next item “Gooday 3 Pieces Realistic Fake Tongue Gross Jokes Prank Halloween Horrific Magicians Props” Oh, oh, I just cringed. This made my body cringe. I was like “aah” Connor: It’s like when you get touched on the neck by somebody. Ew! Why would he put it in his mouth? You said, you said you’d do it. Add to cart, dude. There’s so many. Oh, why? Why? Oh, why is it slimey? Connor: Oh, this is so oily. Connor: Oh it’s..*gags*
Matt: Does it smell? Connor: Yeah, dude. It smells terrible.
Matt: You promised! Connor: I’m doing this for you guys. Connor: Look at it, dude.
Matt: EW! Wait, wait, wait. Matt: Get a slow, like, turn of it. Cause it looks shiny and stuff. Matt: My word, it looks so real!
Connor: Smell it, dude! Matt: No. No, no No. No Connor: It was like in my mouth And then, it was like in my mouth and the whiff of the smell came up And it smacked me in the face- oh dude, look at that. Watch! Matt: Oh, I don’t want to be anywhere near them! I hate them! Matt: What the heck?
Connor: Let’s play- let’s play a game with these. Connor: We each get two.
Matt: Okay. What’s the game? Connor: You have to try and stick it onto that thing. Matt: Oh, oh. This is so weird.
Connor: It’s gross. Connor: You have to try and like, stick-stick it. Sticky stick it. Matt: Stick-stick it? Connor: Oh! That was gross! Try to get that one on there. Matt: Straight up, like what? This is like the most realistic… ew! Connor: That counts.
Matt: Oh, wow that smells so bad.
Connor: I told you, dude! Matt: I- I say that.. oh, that’s so weird! I hate it so much, dude. I hate it so much. Connor: It’s like out of a horror movie.
Matt: Yes! … No! Matt: Destroy it, burn it, get it out of here, get out of my life. Matt: Ew, it touches my no-no spot! Matt: Ew! Oh! That made it worse! That made everything worse! Matt: Now my tongue hurts. Matt: “Coffee Mug – Camera Lens Thermos” “13 ounces Cup – Stainless Steel Insulated” You know what’s funny, dude? I’ve had One very, very, very similar to this for a long, long time. And it was funny, because I just moved, right? I gave Luna the cup and I was like, “Amanda, I’m just moving around my camera stuff!” And like, it looks like a giant lens. Typically, the bigger the lens, the more expensive the lens. So a lens like that, could it go from anywhere from like $1600 to $2400, right? So I gave it to Luna, and she just started walking around with it, just Walking around with, because it’s a cup, but Amanda was like “Where’d you get that?” Just like this big lens and she’s just wobbling around with it. Add to cart! This honestly looks like higher quality, than the one that I have. Connor: So it’s a bigger lens, so it’s gonna higher quality. Matt: 20 to 135. Oh okay. How do I open it? Oh? See this particular one, Not the best quality. Actually, I’m a little shook nasty, because it’s not metal insulated. Plastic on the inside. The one that I have at home, Honestly, it’s a bit better than this because it’s metal insulated. This? That doesn’t even… That’s it! That’s poo-poo, dude! Me no likey I rate this one a destroy it, dude. But I don’t think I can destroy it, it’s just a solid piece of plastic. Poopsie. You know what? For the link down the description below, we’ll put a link to a better one. So if you do want to purchase this or anything else on the channel, check out those links down below. They help the channel out. See that thumbnail right there? That is a mini arcade! You know, you’ve seen those giant arcades that you can play. This one, you can actually play too. No joke. It’s pretty crazy. Click it. We’ll see you over there. High-five!

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  7. The glass breaker is for car side windows you only need it when your in a car that is sinking in a river or lake and the doors will not open or if you are stealing the car and all the stuff you bought is JUNK

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